Facilitator-to-facilitator tips and tricks

This page is still a WORK IN PROGRESS. If you have ideas you’d like to contribute, please let us know. We are actively seeking the following topics:

  • Funding: What has your experience been? How do you find/target/apply for grants? Other creative thoughts around funding…
  • How to get started–the first class is always the hardest. Share your experience, good (great!??!), bad or ugly, we would love to hear it.
  • Parental testimonials–do you have any video testimonials you could share?
  • Community Partnerships–What are ways you’ve partnered into your community for long-term support, referrals?
  • Working the system–Whether you’re in probation, a beat cop, in the Non-profit community, we all have learned tips and tricks to make our programs successful. Here’s a great place to share.