Getting Ready for your First Class!

You’ve just finished your facilitator training. You’re high on life. You just drove/flew home, saw your family for the first time in a week. Shared your story of inspiration of how cool ParentProject can be, how it has improved the lives of thousands of families, and then spent the weekend digesting/ruminating on what to do.

And now it’s Monday…

…And what do you do first!?!?!

This section is designed to help you get ready for your very first class. Heck, even if you’re a veteran, we hope this can be helpful to keep you energized and going. We break this down into a set of steps:

  • Things to do as soon as you return from training
  • 30-45 days before your first class — as soon as you’ve picked your start-date
  • 20 days before class
  • 10 days before class
  • 2 days before class
  • The day before
  • THE BIG ONE–The day of class: last minute preparations

Click here for the detailed checklists, and here’s an important message from Bud reminding you of some of the key methods to tackling this first class.