Writing Letters and Emails

Writing letters and/or emails can be an intimidating job. That’s why we’ve included a couple of templates which you can use to get you started.

Before you get busy sending out these letters, we recommend you research the current state of juvenile drug, judicial, probation, violence and gang statistics in your community, your county and your state. These key statistics make for a powerful opening statement and should go right at the top of your letter.

For example:

2015 was Dublin’s worst year in a decade for violent crime (http://www.ci.dublin.ca.us/133/Crime-Stats) in many years. Allowing this trend to continue under our watch is simply not an option. We would love to partner with you to be part of the solution.

It is imperative that you use local, relevant information to capture the attention of your reader–our public partners are inundated with information daily.

  • Is it locally relevant?
  • Is the information fresh?
  • Did something happen in the last week which could trigger this message?

Then, once you have your “lead-in” sentence, you can use these templates to draft an email to all the constituents in your area:

Police or Sheriff Department LetterSocial Worker LetterSchools and School District LetterProbation Officers Letter, and last (but very importantly) Juvenile Court Judges.