Marketing your Parent Project class

Marketing a Parent Project class is a critical skill–it ensures not only a high-enough attendance, but that you’re reaching the right families in need in your community.

We have collected the key best practices here:

  • Familiarize yourself with the key research and evidence-based content around Parent Project. Be especially familiar with the research summary–the top-level statistics which speak to the impact of ParentProject and summarize all the evidence-based findings.
  • Marketing materials (including flyers) can be found on the research and marketing materials page.
  • Influence your community leaders: Write letters and speak with the key constituents in your community. We have draft letters you can use here to get you started, and presentations you can bring with you to any face-to-face meetings. Here’s how to get started
  • Write a press release about your class (whether it’s a new class or news about your class) and get local media coverage. Here’s how to get started (even including a mock example!)
  • Collect testimonials from parents to help share the good news with other parents. Here’s a 1-page “HOWTO” Guide to do this.
  • Don’t give up! Get a thought-partner to brainstorm with you daily about how to reach the families in need with this life-saving program.