Successful class checklist

A successful and successful Parent Project program reaches the right number of parents by integrating deeply with community organizations.

Frequently people are not aware of how unique Parent Project is–not only is it the best Parenting Program for children with destructive behavior, it is the most impactful program [Period!] at addressing these problems sustainably. If you’re looking for a refresher on why this is, and how we’ve measured it, check out the Research Page and especially the Research Summary. If this isn’t your first class, the best method convincing your partners and constituents is to use testimonials from local parents.

We’ve translated the checklists from your big 3-ring binder into a digital form below. Remember–preparation is key!

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe. –Abe Lincoln

[ note: the “check-boxes” are stored using Cookies on your browser–so if you log in with a different browser or on a different device, you’ll lose your progress–sorry! 🙂 ]

These are the things to do immediately to get your dates locked and build the foundation for success.

Post Kick-Off:
One week after the kick-off, you should start your rolling announcement to organizations ensuring you have support and enrollment from organizations.

Post announcement and follow-up:
After distributing your announcement, it is time to begin following up. Certain referrers (such as Juvenile Justice) are so important that they for sure need to be face-to-face meetings.

Week before class

One week before class, it is time to ensure we have full enrollment and double-check we’re all ready to get started.

Day before and day-of:
It’s go-time! Here are the last second things to ensure you don’t miss anything.