Parent Project Facts-at-a-glance

Why the Parent Project?

  • 29 years in development, the Parent Project® is the only course of its kind.
  • Over 500,000 families have attended Parent Project classes, nationwide.
  • The Parent Project is the largest court-mandated juvenile diversion program in the country.
  • A proven track record, the Parent Project reduced juvenile crime by one third, while significantly increasing both school attendance and performance.
  • The Parent Project® was recognized by the American Bar Association as the strongest parent-involvement program for adjudicated youth in the nation.
  • Over one third of the OJJDP funded, Youth Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs use the Parent Project Model.
  • Idaho School Study: According to a program evaluation study, the number of petitions filed for juvenile offenses decreased 33 percent, the number of minors on probation for any cause declined more than 30 percent, the number of drug-related probation violations was down 20 percent, and the number of days spent by youth in detention decreased 24 percent.

    In addition, the school dropout rate fell from 17 percent to 0 percent, and school expulsions plummeted from 72 to 0. The Parent Project was recognized for its achievements by the Idaho Supreme Court in 1999 and is the state’s model for programs involving the prevention of juvenile crime. Idaho study (see page 32)