Getting and Keeping Parents in Your Class

Getting parents out is a difficult challenge for any parenting skills program. Working with parents of high-risk youth can make the task even more difficult. One-to-one invitations work best. Here is a list of scripts other facilitators have successfully used to get parents out.

Maintaining Parent Involvement

You went to a lot of work getting parents in your class. Do everything you can to keep them involved. Here are a few tips:

  • Do the best you can to find a warm, comfortable classroom.
  • Humor works! Make your class fun. Parents who laugh are more likely to come back. Cadence Cheers
  • Use name tags. It makes bonding easier.
  • Even if it is just coffee and cookies, food works.
  • Music works. Play instrumental music during group activities and something fun before class. Playlist suggestions.
  • Ensure your parents accept their group roles. Use these role cards.
  • Maintain contact with your parents by texting them between classes. Here are some examples.